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From 2008 to…‘I think that I have always loved the mysterious, different, expressive world that is beauty…

A Wedding Day is one of the most important days in someone’s life. A day that will always be remembered and should be remembered as a day of happiness, love, joyfulness and elation.
A perfect wedding day starts with a perfect wedding dress. All of us at Nivaldo understand the importance of a wedding in all of its aspects, consequently we strive to deliver all our future brides the dress of their dreams.
Whether you choose a dress designed by Nivaldo or you design your own, Nivaldo will assist you every step of the way, assuring you that all of our dresses are made of top quality fabrics and laces. We pay attention to every small detail, that will transform an ordinary dress into an extraordinary dress! 

The Unique Wedding Dress !!! The Perfect  Wedding Dress!!!!


We’re passionate about our intentions and endeavors… at home and work. You’ll find our hearts right on our sleeves.


We’re all on the same WW rocket to success, thus we enjoy collaborating, challenging, & supporting each other on this journey.


We celebrate the uniqueness in others, bond over common values and seek to learn from our differences.


We are open and transparent with our ideas, goals, and actions. We seek to convey our thoughts in a genuine and succinct way to teach or learn.


We’re in the business of celebration and joy so it starts with our team.


We strive for an environment that nurtures creativity by providing thinking time & space, resources, and moral support to actualize great ideas.

Nivaldo Wedding Dresses
Endless possibilities built to perfection!!